Ethno Mining states that it will begin producing gold two months after the factory is built

Within the next two months, the Ethno Mining Company plans to construct a factory and begin producing gold in the Dima district of the Gambella region.

For more than ten years, Ethno Mining Company has been conducting gold prospecting in the Dima district of the Gambella region.

The Ethno Mining Company’s operations in the Dima district were all observed by the Minister of Mines, Habtamu Tegegne , the Minister of State, Million Mathew, and the Governor of the Gambella Region, Umod Ujulu.

According to the company manager, 132 wells have already been dug, examined, surveyed, and used for various building projects in Chamo Kebele.
The company manager claims that 132 wells have currently been drilled, investigated, surveyed, and used for various construction projects in Chamo Kebele.

He asserted that a lack of cement and other related issues were to blame for the company’s inability to launch by the deadline.

The development of the country’s mineral resources, according to Habtamu, is a top priority in order to make the best use of them for the benefit of the people and the country.

He contends that in order to ensure that the nation’s mineral resources are utilized for its development, both the community and the government should do their parts.

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