The authority predicts it will take ten years to solve Addis Abeba’s water supply and demand issues

According to the city’s Water and Sewerage Authority, Addis Abeba’s water supply and demand are insufficient to meet the needs of the city’s residents. The city receives water from eight underground resources in addition to three dams. Ato Fekadu Zeleke, the deputy general manager of the Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority, revealed to Bisrat Radio that the organization is working on several projects to address the issue of water supply and demand in the city.

It was also mentioned that three water projects are anticipated to be finished in the next ten years in order to meet the city’s high water demand.

The Gerbi Dam is the first project, and when it is completed in three years, it will produce 73 thousand cubic meters of water per day, resolving the water problem in some parts of your city.

Now that the study is over, funding for construction is being sought. Construction on the dam project will start once the financing is complete, and it will have a daily output of 500,000 cubic meters. According to Fekadu, the project will be finished in ten years and a solution will be offered.

The third is the Tulugudo project, which is being investigated to find a remedy for the Addis Abeba water crisis. To secure funding for this project, which will produce 600,000 cubic meters of water, more work is reportedly required. Following their construction in Addis Abeba, these three significant projects will be completed in ten years, as planned by the authority office. It is said that the relationship between water supply and demand is somewhat flexible.

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