Athlete Su Sado from Ethiopia was given a life sentence for murdering her husband

Su Sado, an athlete, her two brothers, and two other suspects were all sentenced to life in prison for the murder of their husbands.

Adama Athletics Club members Besu Sado, 27, and Teshale Tamru were married.

According to what she allegedly told the BBC, her husband “perform magic on my family, on my mother, on my brothers and on me to keep us from success” which is why she allegedly committed the crime.

According to the accused’s court file, the couple had a financial argument.

She told the BBC that the athlete had a memory of dying before this murder.

The police are still looking for the other three suspects, whose whereabouts are still unknown as of that evening.

According to the BBC, the spouses did not have any children while they were there, but they did own various properties.

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