In Addis, 500,000 Qurans will be collected to be distributed to believers who don’t already have one

“Nur Ye Qur’an Bank” and the Addis Abeba High Council of Islamic Affairs have made arrangements to collect half a million (500,000) Qur’ans.

Plans have been made to gather 500,000 Qurans during the upcoming Ramadan fast, and it has been noted that the Qurans will originate from both domestic and foreign sources.

The Muslim population in our nation has a high demand for the Quran, but there aren’t enough copies available to meet that demand, according to Sheikh Sultan Aman, president of Addis Abeba’s High Council of Islamic Affairs.

He urged everyone in society to work together to fulfill the goal of amassing 500,000 Qurans. Since Ramadan is Quran month, he said, preparing and distributing Qurans to places without Qurans is very advantageous for Muslims.

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