The Sheraton Addis Hotel has cancelled the performance by Nigerian artist Rema

Rema, a Nigerian musician whom the Sheraton Addis Hotel had invited to perform in Ethiopia, had his appearance postponed after he came under fire from Orthodox religious authorities, campaigners, and internet users for sporting necklaces and getting tattoos that insulted Christianity.

Instead, it  declared that it would be inviting a well-known DJ and performer of African Afrobeat.

One of the concert’s sponsors, Coca-Cola, made an announcement that it would no longer be taking part. Vocalist Kuku Sabsbe also made a cancelation announcement despite having agreed to perform at the event.

The event, which is slated to occur on Ethiopian New Year’s Eve night, is being organised by the Sheraton Addis hotel and Yesakal Entertainment.

The hotel has not hosted a music concert on the night of the Ethiopian New Year for the past four years due to COVID and the war in the northern area of Ethiopia.

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