The Prime Minister names Getachew Reda to lead the Tigrayan transitional government

The Transitional Government of Tigray Region’s leader has been named as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) Ato Getachew Reda, according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

In accordance with Proclamation No. 359/1995, Article 14/2/b, and Article 62(9) of the Constitution, the Federation Council decided to establish a temporary government in the Tigray region. The Prime Minister made this appointment in accordance with that decision. To establish an inclusive interim administration, Article 1 of the peace agreement with South Africa must be followed. The Council of Ministers approved the rules for Tigray’s inclusive provisional government on March 9, 2015, during its regularly scheduled meeting.

The head of management has been entrusted with the duty of main and coordinating the government frame of the place through structuring an inclusive management that guarantees the illustration of diverse political forces running withinside the area.

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