Nine EU projects are awarded to Addis Abeba University

Addis Abeba University received nine of the 17 projects for centres of excellence in research and education that the European Union financed.

The results of two project proposals will also be made public in the months to follow.

Remember that the European Union will sponsor centres of excellence for research and education in Cape Town, South Africa, starting in 2022. According to a study conducted in Brussels, Belgium, 17 centres of excellence were founded during the course of the preceding two days as a result of the massive number of applications that were received from various universities.

Addis Abeba University received nine of these Centre of Excellence projects.

Millions of euros will also be awarded to the institution for winning the projects.

Professor Tasew Woldhana, the university president, said at the signing ceremony that the outcome will be extremely good for both Addis Abeba University and the country.

According to information acquired from the institution, they expressed gratitude to both the university’s talented researchers and the Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, who assisted in the achievement of this result.

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