The Tigray Universities Scholars Association appeals to the PM to pay the salaries of the government employees

The Tigray University Scholars Association demanded compensation for government employees who were unable to collect their salary during the years of the war in Tigray in a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office.

According to a letter the Scholars’ Association sent to the House of People’s Representatives, the Prime Minister’s Office, the House of the Federation, and the area’s interim administration, millions of people are still going hungry and starving as a result of the Pretoria Agreement’s non-implementation. Even in places where it is impossible to hear gunshots, this was said.

The union contended that government employees living in rented homes were forced to leave their homes and look for work on the streets, where they were left to fend for themselves and go hungry, because the institutions responsible with providing social and economic services were unable to do so. The letter informed them that there is a slim chance they or any of their family members will receive medical attention.

The charity has requested that the Pretoria Agreement be effectively implemented despite the fact that it has only been in force for seven months in order to safeguard individuals from suffering such as death, persecution, abuse, and displacement.

The association also demanded that ongoing payments of the displaced individuals’ unpaid wages, benefits, and compensation be made to government personnel. The association also demanded that they go back to their home villages.

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