BGI invests about 500 million birr to modernise Meta Abo Brewery

Hershey Mild, CEO of BGI Ethiopia, presented a presentation to stakeholders about the activities carried out in the previous six months at a ceremony held at Meta Abo Brewery in Sebeta. In his address, the new CEO of BGI Ethiopia recalled BGI’s pledge to expand the capacity of Meta Abo Brewery, rename it, and take care of the company, as well as to build a close relationship with the people of Sebeta, the local government, and other stakeholders.

He said, “I am glad to be able to state that we have fulfilled our pledge.” However, to back their position, they cited as evidence the approval issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in January 2015 to carry out the merger after a thorough examination of BGI’s activities.

People (manpower), manufacturing capacity expansion, sales and distribution, and corporate social responsibility are the four pillars of BGI’s activities.

BGI has established a human resource plan that involves job creation and skill development for the people of the country. As a result, Ethiopians now totally control Meta Abo’s management. Furthermore, the organization’s personnel have been relocated to newly constructed offices, and the construction of changing facilities for industrial workers is nearing completion. Furthermore, since BGI began its restoration and expansion activities, there have been 1,500employment openings in the Sabata area.

BGI Ethiopia intends to make Meta Abo the largest brewery in the BGI family, with a monthly capacity of 300,000 hecto litres and three megawatts of electricity. It is investing in the procurement of new production equipment, including the purchase of a huge generator with producing capacity.

BGI Ethiopia thanks the local community and government, as well as management and the people, for their contributions to the effective work done so far. ‌‌

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