At the Electricity Exhibition, over 300 manufacturers, importers, and exporters will take part

“Energy Saving, Green Africa” is the theme of the 4th Ethiopian Electricity Exhibition, which is scheduled to take place at the Millennium Hall from February 21–23, 2023.

The fair’s organisers said in a statement today that over 100,000 attendees are anticipated, along with over 300 domestic and international producers, importers, and suppliers in the electricity industry.

Concurrent with the exhibition, a number of symposiums, seminars, and research paper presentations are scheduled.

Activities related to the industry, such as media technology, fire safety, lighting, control, generators, electrical, electronics, electro-mechanical, and renewable energy (hydro power, solar, wind, geo thermal, and biogas), will all be involved.

It’s claimed that they can see and create a great job opportunity on this platform. At this fair, where domestic and international organisations can promote their goods and services and learn about new, cutting-edge international electricity technologies, the Ethiopian Electrical Engineers Association is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

It is found that the Ethiopian Engineers Association and 3E Events PLC are collaborating to put on the exhibition.

The goals of the event, according to Mr. Abdulfata Ali, the founder of 3E Events, are to showcase new technologies, encourage knowledge transfer, and demonstrate to the community the variety of options available. There would be no entrance fee, he made it clear.

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