Hola Housing begins construction to deliver a three-bedroom real estate homes in less than three years

Hola Housing Solutions was founded by four individuals, and it said that it will manage the building of the Addis Ababa sites of Gottera, Mexico, Balderas, and Bulbula.

The organization’s founder and chairman, Ato Nebyu Daniel, claims that the Bulbula site’s basement has been completely excavated. The buildings that are to be constructed on the G+15 high building are estimated to be worth a total of eight million birr without the addition of asphalt. Forty percent of that sum will be paid for in a year, and Global Ethiopia will charge 9% interest on the remaining sixty percent.

But according to a statement given today at the Skylight Hotel, they have to pay the one point nine million initial payment when they register.

One floor of the buildings will house four houses.

The house will be turned over by the company in 2.5 years, and subscribers are reportedly required to pay a fifty thousand birr service fee at the time of registration.

The real estate apartment houses with three bedrooms are reportedly 138 square metres in total.

The building caters to the disabled and that the basement contains a thirty-car parking lot.

In an attempt to alleviate Ethiopia’s housing shortage, the government invited private developers to enter the market, and representatives of the company announced that they are involved in the real estate business.

The company’s founder and head of marketing, Mr. Dagmawi Getachew, stated that the company has allowed clients to have long-term credit services for up to 25 years and that they will endeavour to deliver the houses in less than 2.5 years.

The agreement states that while Lucy Insurance will handle insurance coverage, Global Bank of Ethiopia will handle loan-related matters.

Yonas Kebede, presenter of entertainment programmes on EBS Television, will serve as the company’s brand ambassador.

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