Ethiopia and Ireland sign a financial assistance agreement worth 8.4 million euros

An agreement for financial support worth eight million four hundred thousand euros was signed in Addis Ababa by the Irish government and the Ministry of Finance.

Irish Minister of State for International Development and Diaspora Sean Fleming and Finance Minister Ahmed Shede signed the agreement.

The three-part agreement will allocate three million euros towards health-related sustainable development goals and the first five million euros for the Safety Net programme.

It is also mentioned that the 400,000 euros will be used to support the programme for economic reform aimed at the indigenous people.

The Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shide, thanked Ireland for continuing to support Ethiopia’s development efforts after the signing ceremony.

They declared that all three agreements will be implemented in accordance with the government’s priorities.

“These national programmes have been requested to be implemented in order to reach those in need of social protection and health care services, especially women and children,” stated Sean Fleming, the state minister.

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