A Borena school principal who rapes an 11-year-old girl with mental illness is sentenced to 19 years in prison

The perpetrator of the 11-year-old mental health girl’s rape in Gofera Kebele, Arere District, East Borena Zone, has been apprehended and taken to court, according to the East Borena Zone Police Department.

The rape occurred within the last week, and according to Assistant Inspector Shekuriya Iya, who oversees the department’s various crimes investigation division, the perpetrator forced his way into the child home and raped the victim.

Gelbesa, the principal of Danbesa School, sexually assaulted the girl and took her virginity. As so, the authorities were able to confirm that your teenager had been in contact with a fistula.

Based on the information they had obtained, the police looked into the accused; they verified the investigation’s record with both human and documentary evidence before sending it to the prosecutor. Assistant Inspector Shekuria Iya went on to say that the prosecutor’s case was heard by the East Borena Zone High Court, which sentenced the accused Jelbesa to 19 years in prison.

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