The OLF of Jaal Marroo claims to be committed to finding a peaceful political solution in Ethiopia

The military, which goes by the name Oromo Liberation Army and has been designated by the government as the “Shene” terrorist group, has stated that it is committed to a peaceful political resolution.

The armed forces, under the command of Ejal Driba, issued a succinct statement regarding their discussions with the government.

The second round of ongoing peace negotiations in Tanzania’s Dere Salaam is still ongoing between the two parties.

It has been reported that Kumsa Diriba (Jaal Marroo), the commander-in-chief of the Oromo Liberation Army, and Jal Gemechu Aboye, his deputy, are attending the negotiations.

It stated that as soon as the negotiation process is concluded, information will be released by the armed forces.

There is a sense that the military leaders, who are representing the government in the continuing negotiations, have been joined by political figures.

Late yesterday, the national security adviser to the prime minister, Ambassador Redwan Hussain, and the minister of justice, Gideon Timothios, joined the talks.

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