A Bahraini employee is found guilty of sexually harassing an Ethiopian servant

According to reports, the young Ethiopian woman who was raped and assaulted by her employer in Bahrain before falling pregnant received justice.

It has been established that the young woman is six months pregnant. A young woman who had been working for her employer in Bahrain for four years was assaulted, raped, and given the death threat. According to reports , the Ethiopian Community in Bahrain and the Federal Consulate General in Bahrain together filed a request with the proper court to seek justice.

Her employer nonetheless attempted to send the young woman to Ethiopia by submitting a medical certificate that stated, “I didn’t dare,” in order to avoid attracting attention to the circumstance. The court has determined that the young woman is six months pregnant and that the child is in fact his based on the results of the DNA test. For more than six months, there was conflict between the office and Bahrain’s Ethiopian population.

In order to safeguard the rights of the young woman and her kid, the employer agreed to close to 9.3 million birr per four years.

The Ethiopian community in Bahrain said that the court had signed the deal after accepting an advance payment of 2 .7million birr.

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