48-year-old Getachew Reda has reportedly been chosen to act as Tigray’s president

Getachew Reda, who reportedly won the backing of the TPLF Central Committee, will now preside over Tigray on an interim basis.

The TPLF Central Committee convened yesterday.

According to sources close to the party, Getachew Reda reportedly cast a vote for the interim leader of the Tigray region.

The regional leaders discussed and approved the interim administration’s structure following the appointment of Getachew Reda and other cabinet members, according to sources cited by VOA Tigray in its report.

Getachew received 18 votes from the Central Committee’s 41 members, according to Addis Standard.

The election, however, requires approval from the federal government.

Getachew Reda was born in Tigray, Ethiopia in June 1974 . He studied law at Mekelle University before becoming a law professor there, and he did so while living in both Ethiopia and Alabama, the United States.

Getachew is a member of the executive committee and the TPF’s spokesperson.

Up until 2016, Getachew served as the federal government of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn’s ministry of government communications affairs.

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