In Addis, the ban on three- and four-wheeled “Bajj” vehicles will be lifted tomorrow

The “Bajaj” vehicles are not allowed to charge for any distance greater than five Birr, according to the Addis Ababa Transport Bureau.

The vehicles can begin providing service as of tomorrow.
The bureau mentioned the three- and four-legged “Bajaj” vehicles in a statement that was released today. Ato Mtku Asmare, the office’s head, informed reporters that a policy had been developed to guide the Bajaj transportation service.

The Addis Ababa city administration, which is preparing to “regulate the service”, suspended the “badges” from providing services on start from last week thurday, saying that “operational adjustments are implemented”.

“Bajaj drivers have become a source of complaints by the residents of our city due to unreasonable price increases and some of them engaging in criminal activities,” the city administration claimed in a statement after the ban.

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