Mrs. Saida Mustafa, a woman ardent about promoting Ethiopian coffee as a vacation spot and revenue source

At the Skylight Hotel today, she gave a special festival on Ethiopian coffee culture. She merits an appreciation.

There was a palpable energy in the Skylight Hotel starting at half past two in the morning. Coffee was dominant and dazzling. Women wearing a variety of ethnic attire, including Harar, Tigray, Amhara, Oromo, Gambela, Guraghe, Wolayta, Afar, and Ethio Somali , among others.
Girma Seifu, the head of the investment commission, and Mrs. Hirut Kasau, the director of the city’s culture and tourism, attended as guests of honor.

According to Mrs. Saida, owner of Warka Coffee and festival coordinator, our country produces the best-tasting coffee in the entire world. Here, there are lovely brewing traditions. Sending coffee to make money is insufficient. Instead of selling raw coffee, we should sell finished coffee. We merit it. Our finest coffee should elevate our beverage to the status of a well-liked tourist destination. There is still a lot to be done despite the fact that work has already begun. We need a lot of ongoing research, she explained.

The director of Addis Abeba’s department of culture, arts, and tourism, Mrs. Hirut Kasau, stated: “Ethiopian women drink coffee in the morning. When we drink, we do more than just enjoy a cup of coffee; we gather to discuss and work out problems. Coffee is our economic compass that is passed down from one generation to the next.”

Along with viewing the various coffee makers from various cultures and tasting the coffee, festival attendees participated in a roundtable discussion about what needed to be done to promote the Ethiopian coffee industry and coffee brewing to the outside world.

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