The TPLF rejects the Election Board’s choice not to reregister them as a political party

TPLF said that neither the Pretoria Accord nor the law supported the judgement.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)declared that it would not respect the board’s decision after the National Election Board of Ethiopia denied the TPLF’s request to have its legal status reinstated.

Remember that the group, after carefully considering the election board’s decision made two years ago, wrote a letter at the beginning of May requesting the restoration of the TPLF’s fixed and movable assets, the ability of the group’s leaders to act on behalf of the party, and the restoration of the organization’s legal entity to its pre-war status.

The TPLF submitted a legal personality request, but the National Election Board of Ethiopia denied it on May 12, 2023, arguing that registering the dissolved party was against the law.

The Pretoria Agreement and the law, according to the TPLF, were not the basis for the board’s decision, which was deemed unsatisfactory.

The TPLF claims to be an experienced organisation that has left a lasting legacy by overthrowing Ethiopia’s oppressive political system and defending the nation’s peace, progress, and democracy.

The violent conflict in the Tigray region escalated from 2021 to the end of last year as a result of political conflicts in previous years not being able to be resolved peacefully, democratically, or in accordance with the law, it added.

The TPLF remembered the several attempts made to stop this horrific tragedy. It stated that a ceasefire deal was reached in Pretoria last November thanks to the mediation of the African Union, IGAD, the American administration, as well as the facilitation of the governments of South Africa and Kenya.

The main objectives of the Pretoria Agreement were “peace, human rights, democracy, accountability, and the return to the constitutional system.” It said that since the agreement’s signing, the TPLF and the federal government had been carrying out its objectives and commitments both together and separately.

The TPLF stated in its statement from last night that the board’s decision rejects the Pretoria peace agreement and destroys organisations when it should be supported and encouraged to engage in a peaceful political struggle by encouraging the destruction of organisations, which is not advantageous for our people and does not give other forces hope.

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