The Gadaa IStar Business Group formally establishes itself

Today, the Group formally announced its intent to found and invest in four significant businesses.

Gadaa IStar Business Group, a limited liability private association that the company is prepared to establish and engage in with significant investment in the nation and East Africa, is now offering shares of Gadaa IStar Business Group, G. Plus Fast Food, G Jela, a textile and laser manufacturing company, G Pharm, and G Empire Technolo for sale. Significant stock investments have demonstrated Gadaa IStar Business Group’s viability.

With a founding principle of “we are in you,” Gadaa IStar Business Group is an organization with a start-up capital of 28 billion birr and projected annual profit of over 64.7 billion birr.

When Gadaa IStar Business Group is fully operational, it is anticipated that it will generate more than 45,000 jobs

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