The drought causes more than 5,000 students across several Oromian regions to stop attending school

The Bale, Arsi, and West Hararge zones in the Oromia region reported 5,294 school dropouts as a result of the drought, according to the Oromia Education Bureau.

The deputy head of the office’s consultant, Ephraim Tesema, informed EBC that the office is making a lot of effort to maintain the educational process in the drought-affected areas.

Additionally, he pointed out that the Oromia Education Bureau had given more than 11 million birr to help schools that had been adversely affected by the drought and to re-enroll students who had dropped out.

The official reports that 18 schools are currently closed because of the drought, including 11 in Bale, 6 in Arsi, and 1 in West Hararge. 5,294 students have stopped going to school as a result.

In addition to the help provided by the bureau, the employees of the Oromia Education Bureau also contributed 1.4 million birr from their monthly salaries.

He mentioned that 2 million Birr had been donated for a water tank purchase and that 5 million Birr had been donated to help repair damaged schools.

To lessen the harm and save lives in society, he continued, 4 million Birr had been donated for food and cattle feed for the people.

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