The body of the renowned poet and artist Gebre Kristos Desta will be shipped from the US to Ethiopia

February has been designated as the month honoring the poet and artist Gebre Kristos for the last three weeks.

In Addis, there were many opportunities to recognize this exceptional artist. The most significant of these events was the formation of a task force composed of volunteers from Ethiopia and other nations. Additionally, this task force will deliver Gebre kristos’body from America to Ethiopia( the nation he cherished) and publish his poetry.

The Gebre kristos Museum, which is situated on the Six Kilo campus of the Business and Faculty of Addis Abeba University, will be rebuilt by a group of local academics and lawyers.

Gebre Kristos Desta was a poet and artist who lived from 1932 to 1981. He is credited with bringing modern art to Ethiopia. Both his poetry and his paintings sparked discussion among his admirers. Despite having a short life, he significantly influenced numerous young artists and changed Ethiopian art. He was living in America as a refugee when he passed away at the age of 50.

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