The Addis Abeba mayor should be impeached and put on trial, according to NMA

The National Movement Of Amhara (NMA) has harshly criticized the report the mayor of Addis Abeba’s city administration presented to the council today.

The Addis Abeba mayor, Adanech Abebe, is alleged by the party to have stated in a report brought to city hall today that “the massive migration from some regions is aimed at overthrowing the government and controlling it by force.”

According to NMA, the mayor’s report amounts to genocidal incitement that is unacceptable by any standard and calls for a global crime that poses a threat to the executive branch of government.

The current constitution and the terms of the international human rights agreements Ethiopia has ratified, according to NMA, protect citizens’ natural right to live and work in freedom.

The mayor’s comments, according to the party, were a continuation of the radical publication “Oromia Media Network” (OMN), which the administration has previously referred to as “the use of terrorists,” for its extreme language.

The party argued that hearing such a dangerous campaign from a public figure who poses as the mayor of a global city amounts to a call for a risky criminal act to defend the already declared genocide and the already committed crimes against humanity.

In particular, we would like to confirm that it will repeat the historical error made in Rwanda if the international community does not pay attention to this dangerous genocide campaign and take appropriate action, the NMA stated in its description.

In contrast, the party demands that the offender be removed from office and that the Prosperity Party, which is currently in power, file charges against him or her.

The “Oromia Media Network” had previously been referred to by the government as “the use of terrorists,” and the party asserted in its statement that the mayor was employing language associated with that network’s extremist subculture. The mayor expression is an extension of OMN.

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