Militants are stealing cattle at the border between Sudan and Ethiopia

The West Gondar Zone has reported that cattle rustling is still going on despite the cessation of militant harassment in the border regions of Ethiopia and Sudan.
The chief administrator of the West Gondar Zone, Bix Warke, asserts that previous attacks and harassment in the border region by militants from Sudan have been stopped.

The chief administrator acknowledged that there are cattle rustling crimes despite telling EthioFM that the security situation in the area is tight.
Ato Biks also mentioned that initiatives are being taken to stop the disruption of the peace brought on by animal theft and human trafficking in the Ethiopian and Sudanese border regions.

Along the Sudanese border, disputes over animal theft have been happening.
Additionally, we’ve heard that talks are being held to find a resolution so that the animals that were taken from each side can return to their rightful homes.

On the other hand, the Chief Administrator told EthioFM that after the region’s security situation improved, efforts were being made to revive the agricultural industry.
Agricultural land preparation will reportedly soon be finished, creating thousands of jobs for day laborers.

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