Safaricom Ethiopia will supply telecom services to Tigray 

According to Safaricom Ethiopia, network and infrastructure development in the Tigray region is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

Safaricom entered the Ethiopian market two years ago and serves customers throughout the country, with the exception of the Tigray region.

The conflict in northern Ethiopia prevented this company from providing telecom services.

The CEO of Safaricom Ethiopia, Wim VanHelleput, reportedly visited the Tigray region and had talks with the leaders of the region’s temporary administration, according to a social media post made by the organisation.

In his conversation with the region’s acting administration, he discussed the possibility of network and infrastructure development in the Tigray region in the coming weeks.

Along with other employees, the CEO travelled to Mekele City to meet with President Getachew Reda of the Interim Administration and the Head of Infrastructure Development Affairs for the Regional Cabinet.

Safaricom Ethiopia claims to have millions of users, with its telecom service accessible in more than 25 Ethiopian cities.

Anwar Sosa, the group’s leader for the previous two years, announced his resignation in July of last year.

Belgian Wim Vanhelput has been the organization’s leader since September 2023.

Since last August, Safaricom Ethiopia’s mobile financial service, Mpesa (M-PESA), has been authorised by the National Bank of Ethiopia.

Price inflation, localised internet service disruptions, and Ethiopia’s security state have all affected Safaricom’s profitability.

In just two years, Safaricom Ethiopia added over five million new users, and the company has declared its intention for 98 percent of its clientele to be Ethiopians in the coming ten years .

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