PM emphasise that corporate interests, not conflictual ones, are driving Ethiopia’s port demand

Following Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s declaration that his administration strongly demands to have at least one port in Red Sea areas, Ethiopia’s port demand has once again been on the table.
Politicians and other people overseas became concerned when they heard that Ethiopia would go to war with Eritrea to retake the port of Metsewa, which was a part of Ethiopia thirty-three years prior.

The prime minister said that neibgours would benefit more from Ethiopia having a port in response to questions from lawmakers.

“After hundreds of thousands of our youth were deported from Saudi Arabia and Tanzania, many of them crossed the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe. It’s probable that 500,000 of our nationals will re-immigrate in search of a better life. Ethiopian ports, which will greatly reduce poverty and migration by creating a big number of job opportunities, should also be of concern to Saudi Arabia and South Africa if they are worried about Ethiopian immigration. Europeans ought to be concerned about Ethiopia’s gain from having a port, which will lessen their burden by reducing the number of migrants coming from Ethiopia. “

“Eritrea was merged into Ethiopia as a confederation, but after much struggle, the country’s long-standing aspiration for independence was granted. Additionally, Ethiopia has a port requirement. As we have seen, its population is growing and will reach 150 million in a few years. At that point, the population explosion would force Ethiopia to have a port, which may lead to conflicts with its neighbours.”

“what  i am saying is  before that may happen let’s resolve the issue amicably which will benefit all of us” he stated.

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