Over the next two years, 100,000 new homes will be built in Addis, according to the government

In Addis Abeba, a memorandum of understanding for the construction of 100,000 homes was signed.

The first phase of the 100,000-house construction project, which will be carried out by a government and private partnership to meet the public demand for housing, was officially launched today with the signing of a memorandum of understanding.

350 000 hectares of land have reportedly been prepared for the first phase of construction by the government.

Over the next two years, 100,000 houses will be built and made affordable for the city’s low-income residents, according to Mayor Adanech Abebe, who spoke at the signing ceremony.

In various subcities, 350 hectares of land have been prepared for construction. The mayor asserted that although the housing shortage residents face cannot be entirely resolved, it can be lessened. 68 representatives of domestic and international development organisations, including Mayor Adanech Abebe, reportedly attended the signing ceremony, according to EBC.

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