itel Mobile Ethiopia Welcomes Nuhamin Meseret as Brand Ambassador

itel Mobile Ethiopia said it is excited to announce the appointment of Nuhamin Meseret, Actress and advertising model, as the brand ambassador. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for itel Mobile Ethiopia as the brand continues to strengthen its presence in the dynamic Ethiopian market. Itel Mobile Ethiopia plans to leverage the young actress and advertising model in further promoting the brand and its mobile models in the Ethiopian market.

Known for her talent, grace, and widespread appeal, Nuhamin Meseret is set to lend her unique charm to itel Mobile Ethiopia’s communication and promotional efforts which were demonstrated during her involvement in previous short-term campaigns with the brand. As the brand ambassador, she will play a key role in showcasing innovation, reliability, and thelatest shift in its rebranding logo and brand identity.
“itel is committed to accommodating our partnership with local talent.We are thrilled to have Nuhamin Meseret on board as our brand ambassador.

Her ability to connect with audiences aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing accessible and high-quality mobile solutions to the Ethiopian community,” said Mr. Eamon JiaBrand Manager at itel Mobile Ethiopia.
Nuhamin Meseret for her part expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership with itel Mobile Ethiopia, and remarked, “I am honored to represent itel Mobile Ethiopia, a brand that values innovation and inclusivity. I look forward to contributing to the brand’s journey and connecting with consumers across Ethiopia.”
This collaboration signifies itel Mobile Ethiopia’s dedication to engaging with its audience in meaningful ways. Nuhamin Meseret’s involvement as the brand ambassador reflects the brand’s ethos and commitment to delivering a unique mobile experience to users of all backgrounds.

Itel is a brand focused on empowering the youth, providing affordable infrastructure while using the most cutting-edge technology available in the 21st century to empower users and guarantee personal and professional success.

Itel standardizes technology and connectivity by giving an entry point to all consumers, allowing them to get closer and benefit from social interactions as Itel understands the needs of their customers in an in-depth manner, and they translate that understanding into creating reliable products available for them.

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