Evidence indicates that heinous atrocities have taken place in Ethiopia

Recent evidence of horrific atrocities committed during conflicts in Ethiopia, particularly in Oromia, Tigray, Amara, Afar, and other regions, has been made public by international human rights experts.

According to the commission’s evaluation, which was released on Monday, the inability to execute the Pretoria peace treaty and the ongoing regional instability pose a “high risk” of severe human rights violations in Ethiopia.

One of those who left the nation after encountering ethnic discrimination in Ethiopia is Ato Biniyam Workagegnhu Mulatu Fidel Post was informed by Ato Biniyam that he had lived in the Shashemene neighbourhood. I experienced a variety of mistreatment for speaking out against such tragic and heinous deeds when persons were being abused, unfairly harassed, detained, relocated, beaten, and killed

Ato Biniyam Workagegnhu Mulatu

“Overnight, I lost all of my riches. After that, with the help of my family, and when my health started to improve, I went back to working in construction and did a variety of occupations.”

“However, my dream of working and improving my country as well as the job chances I generated for my people were turned down because of the problem caused by the ethnic politics in my country. I was also brutally robbed of the riches and property I had worked so hard to build, which forced me to live in exile in continuous fear for my life. “

It was noted that comparable rights violations might yet occur in the future. The report claims that all sub-zones and the national level are experiencing the current violence, instability, and human rights violations.

threats of committing more terrible crimes; it was also claimed that UN experts had advised that a continued global investigation was required.

According to rumours, the United Nations will get a number of reports on a regular basis after the emergency declaration was issued.

It was also asserted that Ethiopia’s continuous instability will cause the government’s efforts to bring about change and unification to fail.

Regular reports show that Ethiopia’s persistent security problems in various regions are a cause of human rights violations in the country. There will probably be more violations of human rights as a result in the country.

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