Ethiopia’s rural towns won’t all have electricity for 20 years if the current issues continue

It estimated that under the current system, it would take 20 years for all of Ethiopia’s rural towns to have access to electricity. It claimed that more than half of the 2.76 billion dollars required to implement the government institution’s three-year strategic plan were recorded as “deficit,”.

This development company, which is a division of Ethiopian Investment Holdings, is in charge of buying electricity in large quantities and selling it to customers. The facility also oversees the distribution of electricity. In the strategic plan it is implementing this year, this governmental organization has set objectives to broaden the coverage of its electricity distribution infrastructure, upgrade aging infrastructure, and increase its financial capacity.

In 2025, the last year of the Ethiopian Electricity Service’s strategic plan, plans were also made to increase the number of customers from the current 4.5 million to 7.9 million. The company released a statement. Today, “key customers” were consulted about the three-year strategic plan.

The financial limitations of Ethiopian Electricity Service; During today’s discussion, the notion that all of the country would have access to electricity by 2022 was raised.

Ato Esubalew Tenaw S, the Institute’s Director of Change and Good Governance, claims that over the past 12 years, electricity has been provided to 423 cities on average yearly. He calculated that it would take this approach 20 years to provide electricity to the entire country.

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