Ethiopia: Staying Vigilant With Mounting Concerns To Panic Novel Coronavirus

By Zelalem Motbaynor

Estibel Mitiku, Occopational Health and Safty Expert has boldly reflected professionally meaning loaded thoughts that the Ethiopan government should take timely actions to tackel the novel coronavirus.

“Lodging limply complaints from public wings, sparing implausible reasons from the government sides, is absolutly nonsense” Estibel argued.

“The flawed livelihood and fragile healthcare facilities shall never pledge assurance with the view to tackling the alarming disease.” he added.

According to him, the propensity of coronavirus to spread on Ethiopian soil, is required strategic and proactive measures.

It’s well recalled that the WHO has announced it would be scaling up preparedness in Africa, particularly in 13 top priority countries including Ethiopia.

With mounting concerns, there is certainity that the deadly coronavirus will also infect people on the continent, pointing to the deepening trade and travel ties between China and Ethiopia.

Indeed, Ethiopia has seen become popular tourist, business and investment destinations for the Chinese.

According to State Minster Of Health, Dr Lia during the very first press breifing jointly with Public Health Institute hosted, “We can be very certain that coronavirus will be exported to Ethiopia.”

“Above all, there is a large volume of travel between China and Ethiopia; Addis Ababa is at particular risks due to the large amount of Chinese travellers that pass through Bole International airport.”

“We in Ethiopia is watching the situation and also preparing ourselves to deal with any outbreak or cases.” Dr. Lia added.

Examining the global contexts, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency.

The former Ethiopian Health Minster, and now WHO’s Director-General, Tedros Adhanom, said his main concern was that the outbreak could spread to countries with fragile health systems.

Hereby, it is exceedingly essencial to focus on available healthcare infrastructures to help Ethiopians out prepare for potential cases.

Vital Operations are undergoing well with the aim of reducing by effective public health measures, such as isolating sick people and tracking individuals they’ve had contact with at Bole International Airport.

According to latest updates, so far, the number of cases outside China would never be taken mild.

In recent days, although cases have turned up in several countries, the scale of an outbreak depends on how quickly and easily a virus is transmitted from person to person.

The Minstry of Health is expending enormous effort trying to fight for this terrible global health crisis, Health Officals disclosed.

Fears, whereas, critically grow amongst Ethiopians that there shall be strong possibility for the virus to surface in Ethiopia given its strong links to China.

Holding good citizens’ incontestable convictions, a statement from Ethiopian Airlines stated that the flag carrier will continue operating flights to all five gateways in China – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong.

The airline mentioned that it is working together with “all relevant Chinese and Ethiopian authorities” to protect both passenger and crew members from the coronavirus, in compliance to the internationally binding guidelines.

Of course, other African airlines are suspending their flights to and from China, however, Ethiopians are slamming their government for not stopping China flights, according to Quartz Africa.

The Ethiopian government’s assertion that they are prepared to tackle coronavirus as they continue to receive around 1,500 passengers a day into the country from China.

Quartz Africa added that, the largest volume of travel is seen as risky as other countries with more robust healthcare infrastructure issue travel restrictions.

Following with the announcement of continued flights by Ethiopian Airlines eliciting sentiments, that the country is putting business interests aheadof the welfare of its citizens.

“You are putting the lives at over 100 million people at risk!”, was a typical response to the airline’s statement, rampantly went viral on social media.

Despite, Ethiopians have kept expressing their discontent over the issue, the
WHO stated that “The quicker countries can detect cases, the faster they will be able to contain an outbreak.

“It will ensure the novel coronavirus does not overwhelm health systems,” the WHO statement indicated.

Minstry of Health offically announced that there are no confirmed cases of the potentially fatal virus on some suspected cases of coronavirus on Ethiopian soil.

Releasing statments from various authorities one after the other, have not abled to reinforcing citizens’ confidences yet while percieving wide~ranging resentments.

Of course, Ethiopia has a lot of “irons on fire’, demanding drum~up efforts and transformative leadership in a bid to ensure prosperity noticing the popped challenges.

In nutshells, it is strongly advisable to stay vigilant through valuing the mounting concerns good citizens to panic the novel Coronavirus .

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