Ethiopia asserts that it has a positive opinion on the information made available by the EU

A news release covered the statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued regarding Ethiopia after the Council of the European Union meeting.

The results of the Pretoria Peace Agreement’s execution, according to the Minister, were one of the main difficulties that the Council noted.

The council’s declaration will reinforce Ethiopia’s ongoing attempts to rekindle its collaboration with the European Union through a creative strategy, it was emphasised.

It added that it is commendable that the union is willing to restart the annual multi-sectoral support programme that is focused on sustainable agriculture and food security. He said that the debt transfer negotiations for Ethiopia should be finished as soon as possible under the common framework established by the creditor countries. Additionally, he stated that the international financial institutions should be aggressively urged to assist Ethiopia’s goal for economic reform and stabilisation.

The minister said that now is the right time to forge strong ties between Ethiopia and the EU and its other partners.

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