Al-Shabaab a threat to Ethiopia ,Gov’t institutions not still stand in two feet ” ,PM Abiy .

Ethiopian PM ,Abiy Ahmed(Dr.) Who gave responses to parliament members questions today afternoon said that Al-Shabaab have planned an attack a couple of times to weaken the country peace .
” Al shabab groups think that this is the right time to do destructive actions against Ethiopia that help fulfill there dreams but we have tackled it before they did it . If there terrorist plans were hit us, it would let us to go in to big troubles . We will tell our people what Al_ shabab were going to do in the country and still trying to do it .”
The PM also said that government is challenged by internal enemy which let it to do not do proper work .
” we are in critical time ,our institutions are in transition. And we need time to stand at two feets .we allowe political parties to play in legal field but some don’t want it and creating chaos and fight to have what they need .And we are fighting in with some groups in Wollega,eastern part of Ethiopia, we have also enternal enemies in our house who are working to weaken us and we are struggling to battle this secret war.
Parliament members asked the PM the whereabout of the students who were hijacked near two months ago by unknown groups when they were returning from Dembedolo University.
” What I can guarantee you is no student killed or hurt in this kidnapping crime but the problem in here no groups still reveal himself to to be responsible for the action . And we are still trying to do our best to free the students and to rejoin them to there family. “
The PM added that his government has amassed a revenue of 112 billion birr the last seven months of this fiscal year .
” We have 153 road projects which cost around 191 billion birr and our telecom get 8 million subscriber in last few times and our Grand Renaissance dam will be completed in three years time that can give us a billion dollar income but we have also limitation in keeping our plan to finish on time”. He said

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