“Without seeking the people’s input, the Oromia region established the new East Borena zone.” Elder Guji

The Guji Abbots and Elders claimed in a press release issued today in Addis Abeba that they had spoken with the leaders of the Oromia region but had not received a response.

According to them , many towns and communities had expressed opposition to the new zone in the Guji zone and would not accept the Cabinet Council of the Oromia National Regional Government’s decision.

They claimed that although talks had been attempted to settle the conflict amicably with the pertinent parties, they had so far been unsuccessful.
“Guji, Borena, and Arsi should not be merged into one zone and crushed together. Such a move should not be made without first consulting the public. They claimed that the area would not consider our suggestions unless they could compel us to accept the new zone. They claimed that during a peaceful protest against this, lives were lost and properties were also destroyed “.

They have sent letters to a total of 8 ministries, including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Oromia National Region, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,and to Prosperity Party to explain their position.

They added that when opposing the new zone, it should not be assumed that there is a problem with getting along with other Oromia tribes and people. They explained how the new zone would conflict with their long-standing traditions, political structure, and way of life.

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