Veteran Ethiopian cyclist Geremew Denboba dies at 90 years old

A sudden illness claimed the life of the cyclist who raised the Ethiopian flag on the Olympic stage for the first time.

The cyclist, who was 90 years old, passed away yesterday after receiving medical attention, according to his family.

Geremew Denboba was one of the cyclists who competed in 1956, when Ethiopia took part in the Olympic Games for the first time in Melbourne, Australia.

Germew Danboba, an incredible cyclist, came away from various competitions with more than 26 trophies and more than 32 medals.

For his outstanding contributions to the sports industry, the athlete was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 4th Ethiopian Commercial Bank-Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation Sports Award.

Geremu Denboba was born in Addis Abeba.

At the 16th Olympic Games in 1963, Ethiopia participated in cycling and athletics for the first time.

He outperformed his rivals from Asia and Africa by placing 24th overall in the street cycling competition.

Mesfen Tesfaye, Tsheay Behata and Mengestu Nigusse all took part in the competition in addition to Geremew

They at the time permitted Ethiopia to finish fourth in the cycling division.

He took part in a surprise at the 17th Olympic Games in Rome, Italy in 1968, where competitors from other nations threw him by touching the end of the speeding tire with a precise technique. He was flown to a hospital with broken shoulders and legs.

The cycling team failed to achieve anything, both collectively and individually.

Surprisingly, after his injury, he unexpectedly resumed coaching and accompanied the team that competed in the 1975 Japan-hosted 19th Olympic Games.

He also went to Lagos, Nigeria, for the second All-Africa Games in 1980, where the cycling team won gold.

It’s surprising that Denboba is reportedly the most successful cyclist Ethiopia has ever produced.

The famous and seasoned cyclist Geremew Denboba will be laid to rest tomorrow, February 24, 2023, at 2 p.m. at the Petros Paulos Church, in the presence of his family, friends, and sports officials.

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