The US State Department’s allegations of human rights violations are refuted by the Ethiopian government.

The Ethiopian government will never agree with the US State Department’s judgment that there have been significant human rights violations during the conflict in northern Ethiopia, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to a statement made today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the matter, the joint investigation by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner produced no fresh findings. And the US’s statements are far distant from the truth.

As a result, the ministry of the Ethiopian government has said that it will never accept the ministry’s hollow denunciation.

The ministry emphasized that the US State Department’s statement singled out one side to blame.

The United States has determined that Ethiopian and Eritrean armed forces, as well as Tigrayan rebels, committed war crimes during the two-year bloody conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, U.S. diplomatic chief Antony Blinken said Monday.

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