The interim leader of the tigray lead the first delegation to go to Bahir Dar after the bloody conflict

Today, a delegation from the Tigray Interim Administration arrived in Bahir Dar, the capital of the Amara Region, under the leadership of Getachew Reda, the head of the Tigray Region Interim Administration.

When the party arrived at Bahir Dar Dejazmach’s international airport, senior government representatives from the area welcomed them, including Dr. Yelkal Kefyale, Head of Government of the Amhara Region.

Getachew Reda and Yelkal Kefyale (Right )

Even if there are differences, according to Ato Getachew Reda, they are nothing compared to those that exist between the Amhara and Tigray people.

Dr. Yelekal Kefyale declared that it was in the best interests of the Amhara people to settle disputes via the use of law, peace, and negotiation.

“While there is a peace option that does not require a price, many harms have occurred due to the hunger of politicians,” Getachew Reda noted during this talk.

Even while there are distinctions, he claimed, they are not as large as those between the Amhara and Tigrayan populations.

If we think and act in the interests of the people, he claimed, peace is the only option.

There will be disagreements, but the Amhara people want to settle them through the rule of law, peace, and negotiation, according to Amhara Region President Dr. Yelekal Kefale.

They stated that “the people and government of the Amhara region are prepared for peace options.”

Dr. Yilekal opined that “people-to-people relations should return to their previous status” and that “transport and business activities should start.”

Religious and national elders, particularly those from nearby districts, urged the populace of both regions to support the political establishment’s initiatives to advance peace.

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