In Gofa Zone, a man kills his wife and two-year-old son out of jealousy

The person who killed his wife and two-year-old son in Saula city of Gofa zone in the southern region out of jealousy has been captured, according to Deputy Commander Taju Negash, head of the media division of the Southern Regional Police Commission.

To better manage the family, the man left the household to look for employment. His wife and he have a single child.

However, when he returned, the love and confidence he had for his beloved wife were gone, and he began to harbour doubts. He repeatedly stabbed his wife with a knife at three in the evening. Then it came to light that a two-year-old baby who was nursing in his mother’s arms had been murdered by his father, who had then vanished.

The suspect has been detained and is the subject of an investigation, according to Commander Taju Negash of the Saula city administration’s police.

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