Details of the agreement made to address the issue the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Details of the agreement made to address the issue the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church was facing are as follows:

1. Education in the Oromian language in the Oromia region; work has begun to strengthen the provision of mass and other services in a way that addresses the concerns of the populace. In addition to what has already been done, the required funds and personnel should be set aside for this.

2. It is necessary to strengthen the weak churches in Oromia and other areas with the help of ministers and services who are literate in the local dialect in order to prepare the necessary plans and allocate more money and personnel than before.

3. To open more colleges and training centres to train servants who speak the language to serve in Oromia and other areas, as well as to strengthen those that are already in place.

4. In the Diocese of Oromia, bishops who know enough Oromo to serve in the language should be chosen and appointed as priests in May of the current year.

5. That the three bishops, Blessed Abune Sawiros, Blessed Abune Eustatheos, and Blessed Abune Zena Markos, be restored to their former dioceses and titles.

6. The three fathers’ appointed fathers will return to their previous rank of abbot. Those who meet the church’s statutes and regulations will be re-appointed by the Holy Synod.

7. We will improve evangelical service by investigating administrative, financial, assignment, and employment gaps.

8. We will improve our practises and pass the church on to the next generation in order to further strengthen the church’s service and to have a church that will be a role model for the next generation.

9. You should avoid doing things that incite hatred. In God’s name, we implore the media, activists, teachers, and dads to stop from doing anything that kills love, fuels hatred, and expands divisions. Those who do this on purpose are condemned.

10. The test we must pass in order to strengthen our unity. We will put it to good use by preaching the gospel more and expanding the church’s work.

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