The fourth and final filling of the Renaissance Dam, according to PM Abiy, is successfully finished

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said, “I announce the complete completion of the fourth and final filling of the Renaissance Dam with great delight. Ethiopians have helped us by working together.

“Congratulations to everyone who contributed their time, expertise, resources, and prayers to the project,” the prime minister posted on his social media website. He added that we should continue with this degree of cooperation in all of our affairs.

It encountered a number of obstacles. Both internal and external influences caused us to experience a number of setbacks. The prime minister claimed that we made it to this point by enduring everything that comes with creation. However, he asserted that the hill is still incomplete despite the fact that we had reached its pinnacle.

Premier Abiy stated, “I believe that we will complete what we have planned in the next period and thank the creator; I would like to take this opportunity to entrust any support we give to the dam to the end.”

Renaissance Dam’s construction was started 12 years ago and was supposed to be finished in 5 years, however owing to internal and external circumstances, it hasn’t been finished entirely yet.

The government expects it will generate up to 6,500 megawatts of electricity, doubling the annual national electricity output. 

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