The war in northern Ethiopia reportedly caused property damage to Axum University worth 15 billion Birr.

Axum University, one of the four universities in the Tigray region, asserts that the university sustained losses amounting to an estimated 15 billion Birr as a result of the conflict in northern Ethiopia. It’s referred to as a request for help “reconstructing” the university, which hasn’t held classes in 19 months.

The six colleges and two institutes at Axum University have drawn students from all over the country since it was founded in 2016.

Axum University’s final class graduated in February 2021, just before the war in northern Ethiopia started. Professor Gebreyesus Birhane, the university’s president, told “Ethiopia Insider” that classes were suspended in July of the same year.

The war’s “destruction and looting” prevented the university from having the supplies and equipment required to start the teaching process, according to the university president. According to Professor Gebreyesus, the university’s assets were completely looted and destroyed, including computers, lab supplies, servers, and office doors. The president stated that the university’s pre-war vehicles, which numbered about 60, were “looted and burned,” and that “only one car” is currently in use.

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