Police tear gas kills a believer during the St. George Church’s Adwa Day victory in Addis Abeba

The Genete Tsege Menagesha St.Gorge Church located at Piassa today issued a statement in response to the allegedly illegal action by the government security forces.

The police allegedly fired two shots of tear gas into the crowd of people who had gathered from their homes to observe St. George’s Day at 9:15 a.m., according to the statement. A stampede was also sparked by the use of tear gas.

Both laypeople and priests suffered severe physical and mental harm while ministering.
At least 15 Sunday school students needed medical attention due to injuries.one beliver was also died .

According to The St. George Church The Government Communication Office made a statement that day that was greatly exaggerated and implied that the government was not interested in resolving the problem.

It has been requested that the government representatives who gave the order and carried out the unlawful action against the Church, undermining its honor and dignity, be brought to justice within 15 days.

Along with the customary false accusations, the church also urged the government to immediately release any adherents who were detained as a result of riots that were started by the government security forces as they celebrated the festival. Additionally, the church threatened to file new lawsuits if her requests weren’t granted.

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