Over the past two years, the Berket Worku agricultural project in Blate has produced lower yields than expected

Mesfen Sisay, the farm’s manager, revealed to a group of journalists who had recently visited the farm that Bereket worku, who had been handed 600 square metres of land by the government, had been able to cultivate 350 hectares of land in just two years and four months.

Although wells were dug to provide the facility with additional water in addition to Blate River water, he stated that the water was hot and unfit for fruit.

He stressed that mango, avocado, lemon, cassava, and papaya have all been planted in the area and are all ready to give fruit.

Bananas are also being planted, he emphasized, and are waiting to be marketed. Apparently, wheat had been planted, but the ground had rejected it, according to him.

Rumor has it that 200 hectares of teff will be planted on this farm in the Blate Obucha district. The farm has provided work opportunities for 80 people.

He added that the problems with the farm’s electricity and water are making the work more difficult.

He asserted that flood water limits are being implemented to create a water reservoir in order to address this issue.

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