In Addis Abeba, 90% of women sexually assaulted are from rural areas

The perpetrators are frequently the victims’ families.

According to the Addis Abeba Women’s Association, sexual violence against women is on the rise in Addis Abeba. Although the association is attempting to provide permanent care and support for women who have been sexually assaulted by establishing a shelter, the president of the association, Huluagresh Tazez, stated that legal loopholes surrounding the issue, as well as a lack of funds, are impediments. On Bisrat Radio, she stated.

We are attempting to provide assistance in two shelters in Addis Ketema and Ledeta sub-cities, according to the president, but limited capacity has prevented us from working on a large scale. According to reports, 90% of the victims who come to the shelter are women from all over the country, and the victims are allegedly assaulted by their close relatives.

According to Ms. Huluagresh, victims do not report their assaults to the police because of a lack of awareness in society, and attackers do not receive the appropriate punishment.


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