FAW medium and heavy duty trucks are unveiled by EBC for the Ethiopian market

This evening, Equatorial Business Group (EBG) held a presentation of the FAW Brand and truck line for Ethiopian customers in the Miillinium Hall. The seventh version of the FAW Truck is currently being launched in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian clients now have access to the world’s best-selling truck brand thanks to EBG’s introduction of the FAW Brand and truck line to Ethiopia.

FAW has a long history in the automotive industry dating back to 1956, the year they produced their first vehicle in China. We are launching the 7 Generation of FAW Truck development in Ethiopia.

By selling more than 3.5 million trucks globally in 2021, FAW rose to the top of the sector.

The FAW Truck line includes mixers, dump trucks, truck tractors and freight carriers.

There are four versions of freighters, each with a different carrying capacity: 8Ton, 1 Tonne, 5 Tonne FAW 8.140 20 Tonne rigid goods carrier, 13.5 Tonne FAW JSN 28.290FL, FAW 15.180FL, FAW JK6 15.220 FL.

The following features are available on truck tractors. 28.380 FT (6×4) FAW JSN This is a 390 horsepower vehicle with the FAW JSN 33.420FT 6×4 and the FAW JH6 33.420 FT and 28.500 FT.
The JSN 35,340 6×8, the 18 cube, the 3 cube, the 6 cube, and the 10 cube types are just a few of the dump trucks that FAW offers.

With FAW Trucks, every industry can find a solution. They provide useful and effective solutions for business owners.

The exceptional fuel efficiency of FAW vehicles reduces operating costs.
In Addis Abeba, EBG is able to offer the necessary aftersales assistance for FAW vehicles, and it soon will be able to do the same in Hawassa. Ethiopian FAW vehicles will have little downtime and quick servicing thanks to the parts shipment from the Addis Ababa Central Parts shipment Centre.

Equatorial Business Group (EBG) is a trading company that has been operating in Ethiopia since 1993, primarily as a distributor of international brands in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

FAW sold more than 3.5 million trucks worldwide in 2021, moving up to the top spot in the industry. A broad variety of vehicle sizes and configurations are available, and its quality and technology are of the highest calibre.

The FAW Truck line includes mixers, dump trucks, truck tractors and freight carriers.

Since 1956, when they made their first vehicle in China, FAW has had a long history in the automotive sector.

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