Desalegne Mekuria is the man who offers free IT and life skill internship training to university entry students

The level of social responsibility for businesses and educational institutions is quite low in Ethiopia. The majority of institutions prioritise performing their own work and making money. It ends there.
Social responsibility has evolved into one of Desalegne Mekuria’s primary responsibilities as the founder of Kibur College. For the past few years, he has offered a three-week training programme for kids in the 12th grade who are planning to enrol in university or college.

The brief training covers entrepreneurship, leadership skills, web development, graphic design, and emotional intelligence.
Desalgne contends that for many years, Ethiopian university students attended school without receiving the proper preparation.

“Education is for making use of it. But as a nation, we must consider the number of graduates who use their expertise to launch their own firms. How many graduates are proficient in exploiting the natural and human resources of the country? Even However, the majority of the clothing, drugs, supplies, machines, gadgets, and other things we use originate from somewhere else. Despite having enough land to feed ourselves, our county has been unable to climb out of a river of poverty for a very long time due to an inefficient use of its resources.”

“So we shared these data with the students in the 12th grade who intend to attend college. They must be conscious of their ability to shape both their country and their government. Computer abilities are essential for many tasks in the modern world when IT expertise, hardware, and software are prevalent. They have to comprehend. Not only that, but we also teach them that having a college degree is insufficient for them to overcome challenges in their lives.”

“Every year, 12th pupils from public and private schools can attend these trainings, according to Desalegne, who works at his institution.
We can only teach a very small number of students in Addis because of our poor financial resources. Numerous thousands of students take the 12th grade exam each year; some continue their education in college while others do not. Both public and commercial organisations must plan for and support training like the one we are now providing in order to attract qualified and prominent students who will shape the course of future generations.” He added.

The 12th graders who successfully finished the third training phase received their certificates from Kibur College yesterday. They also got advice from Behailu Gebre Medehin, a statistics expert who is known for his candid chats in the programme that was held in Lafto Mall.

Behailu Gebre Medehin

“I used to have to travel up to 30 miles to get to school when I was in elementary school. I was helpless to alter the reality of my country since there was no television, no library, no access to clean water, or any better footwear or clothing. Your circumstances have changed for the better, the schools you need to attend are close by, and you have the internet and books as your best resources for learning-related material. Please take advantage of this fantastic chance, I beg you.”

“Whatever the circumstances that surround you, remember your reason for attending university: to learn things that will help you and your country. You might be in love, or you might be preoccupied with other students. Never overlook it. “He spoke.

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